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Very odd timing of this accident at 4am Saturday morning at Mill Lake Church at the south end of Ware street. Although, as I walk longer and longer with Christ, I believe less and less in coincidences.

This previous week has been an Abbotsford wide prayer walk initiative. Everyone was asked to go onto this website and sign up for a street to walk along every day and pray. 

I signed up for Ware street, so I’ve been walking up it every day and praying. When I was at that church, and the Lutheran church across the street, I made sure to walk onto the property, and I prayed first that God would cause the pastors and leadership of these churches (and all churches in Abbotsford ) to repent of their actions and lack of actions, over this past year, that has contributed to things getting to where they are today, with no seeming end in sight. 

But another thing I prayed a number of times while praying at those churches was “God tear down the kingdoms of man and build your kingdom in its place.”

Then, to hear on messages on Saturday morning about this crash… 

On Friday I was feeling very unmotivated and a prayer I uttered in weakness as I was walking and praying was “Lord give me a sign that you’re even listening…”


You’d better believe though that this occurrence invigorated my final prayer walk on Saturday. 

A common phrase was “Lord, whatever it takes! Whatever it takes!”

He who has ears, let him hear.


Brother in Christ.