As the Prayer Walk progresses, we’d love to hear your stories of how you have seen God at work. Message us at [email protected]

I’m praying for country Estates and though it is peaceful and quiet, praying for these homes has changed me and makes me feel responsible to keep them continually in my prayers! GS

I was really looking forward to doing the Abbotsford prayer walk when I was hit with a bout of Vertigo for the first time in my life. It happened on Sunday morning when I turned my head as I rolled over. Suddenly, the room seemed to swiftly tilt even though I lay still. Shortly after I got up, it happened again causing me to unexpectedly pitch sideways onto the floor.
How would I be able to go on the prayer walk each day this week if I could suddenly fall down? My husband and I prayed for me to be healed and I remembered a simple treatment I’d heard about called the Epley Maneuver. The treatment worked!
Holding onto my husband’s arm, together we were able to walk through the neighbourhood that evening and pray for everyone around us. I’m so thankful to be healed from Vertigo and praise God that, with my husband’s support, I have been able to safely walk and pray day after day.
I look forward to what God is going to do with the prayers being offered up this week. I pray that we will persevere in praying for our city and that God will bring revival here. May the Lord bless Abbotsford and all of its people. MC

I was prayer walking chosen street when I heard a noise. I looked up to see a man standing by his truck. He had dropped something and it had rolled partway under his vehicle. He seemed perplexed as to how to retrieve it.  I offered to retrieve it for him and he accepted my offer. He rolled up his pant leg to show me his artificial leg that included part of his knee and told the terrible story behind it. His wife arrived and I "blessed" him as he left.

This was the first time I ever met anyone on my prayer walks and I am encouraged to make this a more regular practice and to be more prepared to engage anyone I would meet. LO